„Your Supply Chain Partner“
Thoughts Supported by Trust
"TreeWay is a path that is protected by solid trees that are lining the way for new challenges. The tree path expresses regularity and substance in order to move forward. Discover new possibilities and opportunities." From here comes our Vision and Company Values

About Us

Some paths can already be worked and functional, but there is always another and better way to get to your destination faster and more securely.

Your task is to have a good product.

Our goal is to shorten or simplify the path of your product towards the customer and also to make your experience more enjoyable to you and your client.

Production is first. The world is dependent on production. Let's together optimize your supply chain.

Vision and Core Values

We are:

  • Supply Chain Expert
  • Experts to Advise You How To Do It
  • Supplier of Your Choice

The Company Priorities Are:

  • Client
  • Efficiency

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the supply chain.
  • Our consultants have experience from home and corporate environment.
  • We offer our clients a human approach based on trust, effective work and integrity.
  • Our goal is to help you from an independent and unbiased look to optimize processes, advise, increase production and help your growth and expansion.

Consultation and Advising

  • In Crisis Management
  • In Business Strategy
  • In the Supply Chain Area
  • Training and team training on established changes, mentoring, coaching.

Supply chain optimization

We negotiate a better price, better conditions, find alternative suppliers, outsourcing your activities.

Business Representation

Partner to represent your product on the Czech market, including distribution, customer care, marketing and PR.

Packing and Light assembly

According to the specification, we will assembly and package your product.